Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring is here!

White Trilliam! These flowers are native to the Sierra Nevada and we're lucky to have a few on the farm. These are right next to one of the forest trails.

The field is very lush now. The few weeks of rain that we've had and the warming spring weather have really sent everything into bloom. This photo is actually a bit old and the field has a wide covering of dandelions now :)

  The pear trees are really starting to blossom too. I'm so glad that we had them pruned when we did. They all seem to have enjoyed the haircut. 

The road makes a nice circle right by the house. With all the warm days we've had this month we've been doing a lot of hanging out and barbequing right here :)

This is the view from the bathroom. There's something that I really like about looking out on the barn from here. 

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  1. Oh my!
    This is the house that Jack built.

    I love all the green and blossoms:-)