Sunday, December 2, 2012


This past Saturday a huge storm rolled in after several days of moderate rain. By Sunday morning our creek was totally choked with water and a fallen tree provided the last straw and the creek jumped it's banks!

This is our springhouse with almost 2' of water. The creek is there in the background and is usually considerably lower than the springhouse. Fortunatly the spring pump and breaker box stayed up above the flood line!

This is a view looking our our front gate. The whole neighborhood flooded but came just shy of actually filling people's homes with water.

The workshop (on the left) also just barely escaped flooding.

The flooding started in the far corner of this photo and was about 1' deep across the lower part of the photo.

Another shot of the springhouse and the creek. So Much Water.

Looking upstream from the springhouse. It's clear that we'll need to unclog the creek before next winter. So many trees and blackberry bramble restricting the water flow.

The springhouse again, this time as the waters started to recede. Thankfully the rain broke and the county came out to help remove some debris from the creek which helped the water level drop quite a bit.

Our neighbors who are oh so glad to be on a 3' tall foundation!

Despite this ugly scene our whole neighborhood managed to escape unscathed by the flooding.

This is out on the main road where the creek empties into a drainage channel. I've never seen it so high!

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