Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goat Slaughter

A few friends of ours had a goat that they loved but had become overwhelmingly unruly. So, they made the hard decision to slaughter him which we gladly helped with and offered them space to perform the work.  I only took a few photos of the whole ordeal because most of the time my hands were in a state not fit for holding a camera. :)

Some of the folks that keep bees on our property know a thing or two about slaughtering and butchering so they came out to show us the ropes. 

After butchering all of the meat and sharing it with a few friends, I took the skin, scraped it, soaked it in limewater, scraped all the hair off and then stretched it out to dry. When it's all done we'll use it to make new drum heads for some drums we have here. 

This whole goat slaughter adventure won us much good-natured ribbing from some close friends who drew this photo of us. Actually, quite an honor in the strange circles we run in :)

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