Monday, February 13, 2012

Beautiful February spring day?

We were blessed with a second nice day this weekend and were able to get a lot more work done. Today was just a family day and Nicole and the kids and I had a great time. At one point were were hauling kids in the wheelbarrows over to the wood pile and returning with wood while the kids ran back to the garden. :)

The kids also helped clean out what they're calling the "chicken shack", a small room attached to the barn which may have indeed been used to house chickens at one point. While they swept and rearrange in the "shack" I hacked a defendable clear space between the barn and the invading blackberry horde. Machetes are fun

Nicole and I started and finished our 3rd hugelkultur bed today all by ourselves. First we dig out the perimeter, then dig out the insides, all down 1 full shovel depth...
Then we fill it with wood, most of this was very old rotten firewood.
After this we layer other mulch materials and then...
Cover it all back up again! Hooray our 3rd garden bed is done! (Joel came by to say hi)
Anubis is loving our farm days. Lots of freedom, sun and dirt to roll in!
Behind the barn we found a collection of old 1 gallon glass jugs. Cheap wine? Apple cider? We may never know.
In the barn we found a great flatbed wagon but it needs new tubes. 4.10/3.50-4 looks like :)
Tenzin and his trucks :)

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