Friday, March 9, 2012

NCRCD chicken workshop


Last night I attended another great workshop put on by the NCRCD. They put on at least one workshop a month on various topics and each is only $5, good deal. The speaker for the night was Janey Powers, a really dynamic woman who's really passionate and knowledgeable about all the in's and out's of raising chickens. The workshop was 2 hours long and covered a lot of material including breed selection, raising chicks, feed selection, housing requirements and precautions just to name a few. I took 5 pages of notes in 2 hours which is pretty high for me.

I've been interested in having chickens for some time now but this overview has me really excited about it. We know our family can eat lots of eggs and we have plenty of friends to share the excess with. Chickens are great insectivores and have useful manure as well.  Here's some good chicken reading. :)

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