Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter planning

Now that the snows of winter have finally arrived my thoughts keep turning towards planning what we'll plant in the garden beds after they're finally gone :)

I have to admit that beyond a desire to grow our own food we haven't made much of a vegetable garden plan yet. This year will be a bit awkward for gardening since we're still learning about our land and will be working on a million other projects. 

Tonight we're going to sit down and work on two things our annual vegetable list and outlining a plan for a earthen bench/stove that we're building at our daughter's preschool in the spring. Hopefully more on both of those later.

One other bit of news, Nicole tells me that she found a local fruit tree pruner to come out and look at our overgrown orchard next Thursday, yay! Busy, always busy. :)

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