Sunday, June 3, 2012

More electrical work please!

What a beautiful sight!  My lovely wife opening the gates into the farm. Those gates are totally a work of Jack's art.

Ah the attic! I'm pretty well over all my claustrophobia having spent so much time up there. This is where I try to keep all my tools together while I'm working. I'm learning it's quite easy to lose tools in a dark attic.

This has to be Jack's work too. There are 3 different size nails and they're mostly bent over. The wood is scraps from the wood paneling it's attached to. This all held the ceiling fan in the living room. 

This is what we replaced it with. A modern fan-holding bracket with light can attached. Easy to install and position and rock solid. 

Spent most of the day wiring up the second junction box for the lights.

Managed to get all the wires run to it but ran out of time to make up all the connections in the junction box. Next time!

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