Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot tub and waterworks

 We scored a *free* hot tub off of Freecycle. It needs a new $175 heater part but is in great condition otherwise. Wade was kind enough to lend us his truck for the day. A few strong fellows and a little elbow grease and we got this sucker up into the truck.

With the help of a few friends the work was smooth and easy and we were soon lounging in the empty tub in the front yard. Of course it will be some time before the electrical work is done and we can run a 220v line out to the tub. It will happen though, we will soak!

On the way to the farm I found this dog igloo with a FREE sign on it. Good find. Tenzin thought it was great fun.

The garden saw a lot of planting action this weekend. Nicole and her mom were out there in the sun for 3 hours getting the beds prepped and start planted. This old sprinkler came back to life with a little help and waters the whole garden area.

It's not much to look at yet but there are a lot of veggies growing in these mounds!

All three mounds are fully planted now and the tall sprinkler is keeping them all watered.

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