Friday, July 27, 2012

Old Photos

A trip to the county building department led to a visit to the county assessors office. The kind folks there pulled out the skinny file they had on our property which mostly included these photos. The b/w photos are from May 1996 and the color ones are from March 2007.

These first two photos are of the barn behind the house. Too bad all that firewood rotted out the siding on the barn.

This is the carport. One of the small Hondas that jack was known for is parked underneath.

Jack was not know for throwing things away. 

 More "materials" in front of the workshop. Clearly Jack held on to everything.
Another view of the workshop some years later. Still full of junk!

The old well house. This little shack hasn't been used in a long time and it's on our list of things to remove.

The current spring house. It looks pretty much like this still just without the rusting barrels.

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