Friday, September 28, 2012

More plumbing and a new back door

The new septic line was leveled out and buried properly, hooray for functional septic parts!

Here's a bit of PEX piping sticking out where the washer goes in the mudroom. PEX is awesome, so much more awesome than copper.

Here Joel is working on the shower. We decided to just get the pipes replaced and come back later to re-tile everything. Get it all working so we can move in and deal with aesthetics later. 

Here's the set up for the bathroom sink, incoming water and outgoing drain.

This is the maple tree in the front yard. The garden is there in the background. 

This was the back door. It was a cobbled together special with many things wrong with it, so we decided to replace it.

While we were at it we decided that a wider door would be nice too. Here's the door opening with the old door removed but not yet widened.

My dad showed up in the middle of the door replacement to watch and help. Here Joel is smoothing out the thinset that we used to seal the bottom of the door frame to the concrete.

Joel put in ton of work this day to get the door installed and functional. I think he's proud of it, can you tell? :)

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