Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plumbing work!

This is the pipe out to the septic tank which is just on the other side of the blackberry bushes at the top of the photo. The lower half of the pipe is cast iron, probably from when the house was built in 1947. The second half of the pipe is PVC, probably from the 70's when the second bedroom closet was converted into a bathroom. The PVC pipe was just small enough to cram inside the cast iron pipe, so that's how the two were connected. The cast iron is rusted out in several places and the PVC was crushed in at least one place. The whole run had several root balls inside it to make matters worse. Clearly the whole thing needed to go.

Here Joel and Chris (one of the plumbers) take a gander at some of the new pipe they laid down.

A sampling of some of the pipes that were removed from the house. Most of it was rusted-out galvanized pipe.

The carport has been the staging area for most of the work we've done this year. Here you can see PVC parts for the new septic and drainage pipes, a nice stack of drywall and even our new back door which is there in the background.

The new septic line all installed and awaiting proper burial.

The demolition of the bathroom has started as well. More to come soon!

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  1. Bill and Nicole....
    All of these posts are excellent. Love the zucchini,the canning, chickens, electrical, the truck and more. These summaries will serve you in the coming years as a way to share your starting point.
    And the start of your permaculture design is great as well. Do you really have chestnut trees? Awesome!