Friday, August 31, 2012

Bulk update July - August 2012

It's been a really busy summer. :) Here's a whole slew of things that have been going on since.

We finally found a bought a truck. Hooray craigslist, this truck beast was $1000 and we've filled it to the brim with all kinds of things many times this summer.

The truckbeast showing it's dump-run capacity.

We discovered that the cost of cotton insulation made from recycled denim was actually affordable! Hooray for non-toxic building materials.

The electrical work continued through most of the summer. Here's the new attic access hole that we framed out.

A beautiful sight, new insulation and new electrical work.

The mudroom got quite a facelift too, removed all the funky wall bits, raised the roof just a bit and built a new supporting beam to hold it up. In a few weeks it should be finished off with new drywall too.

The kids room had some nasty linoleum laid down (thankfully not glued down!) which revealed more beautiful oak wood floors.

The wall behind the main electrical panel had to be opened up to complete the electrical work.

The county building inspector came out to inspect our work and we passed with flying colors. woot!

Behind the main panel with insulation....

Behind the main panel with drywall...

Tenzin has developed quite a friendly relationship with the chickens. They love being held and petted now. :)

We've had a huge bumper crop of squash all summer long. Nicole has become the canning queen and has come up with all kinds of awesome ways to deal with the abundance. Here are some of her pickled squash, some of the most delicious eats I've ever had.

This post that's holding up the carport looks like someone ran their car into it just hard enough to induce some severe cracking. We spent part of a day getting these 2x4's bolted through it to shore it up. The variety and amount of work that's all around the farm makes sure there's never a bored or dull moment :)

Hopefully I'll have another bulk update up in a few days. Maybe I'll get caught up some day!

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