Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring musings

The pear trees are unbelievably gorgeous right now. most of them are in full bloom and the bees are loving it. The days have turned mostly warm now but the cool breeze and the occasional rain remind us that we're only just out of winter now. The air is full of bird song, multi layered conversations I'll never understand but am thrilled to hear each and every day.

The grass in the pasture grows again at an alarming rate. Last year we had to have it mowed, all 3 acres of it. At literally 6 feet tall it was quite a fire hazard. This year we have arranged for a shepherd ( sheep owner? livestock guy?)  to bring his flock here to graze it down. His sheep will be here for about a month contained in a portable electric fence that will be moved around to knock down the whole pasture. Clearly addressing the fire hazard is the primary concern. Thankfully this will allow us to do that but turn the resource of the grass into something beneficial for the land in the form of manure.

For now life is good and the weather is beautiful!

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  1. Beautiful time of the year - thanks for sharing the pics :)