Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grazing sheep

The sheep have been here for a few weeks grazing our pasture grass down. Financially it worked out to be a much better deal than paying to mow it and we get the added pleasure of watching the sheep. They are quite comical. There are about 30 male sheep of various ages and breeds. They are accompanied by a female guard llama. The Sheep spend their entire time eating grass except when they aren't chasing each other around or mounting each other. We have you even seen most of them up grazing in the middle of the night. The llama does her share of grazing too but remains constantly alert of sounds around her.

The kids both really enjoyed having the sheep here. They were contained in a portable electric fence that was moved around every 4-5 days. Over the course of a month they grazed everywhere twice.

 It was beautiful to behold such simple animals going about their lives each day. The llama was particularly amusing.

 You can see how good of a job they did. On the left side of the road in this picture they were left for 6 full days at one point. They started to get down to just dirt in a few places!

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