Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big Dump Run

If all goes as planned, next week PG&E and the building inspectors will be out at our place to shut off the power and allow us to replace the main breaker panel on the outside of the house. Before the inspector comes we wanted to get the place cleaned up as much as we can to avoid any unwanted attention to other parts of the house. I've been putting off going to the dump again, partly because it's un-fun but also because we don't have a truck to haul with (yet).  


Again our awesome neighbor Rob came to the rescue. I mentioned needing to make 4 or 5 dump runs soon and he offered to leave his dump truck at our place and then take it to the dump after we fill it up with trash! Time was slim last weekend but I managed to take the kids to the farm for the day,  get several dump piles loaded into the truck and take the kids for a plant walk in the forest too!

Jula has discovered the Sierra Nevada Field Guide which we've been making extensive use of. She's able to identify about 10 trees by sight and she's learning more all the time. Hearing her say "That's a ponderosa pine tree dad!" makes me so proud :)

Here's the dump truck after we loaded up the big pile that was building up in the carport and another pile of scrap construction wood. Later on fter much trial and error Joel was able to drive the truck over to the workshop to load up more debris.

The kids were both really stoked about the dump truck being there, especially Tenzin. Here they are watching as Joel moves the truck. The pile in the foreground is all the wire we've pulled out of house which is worth taking over to the recyclers.

At some point I was trying to talk the kids into going for a little walk with me and Tenzin declared loudly "Tenzin stay here with the dump truck!" while holding one hand on one of it's tires. :)

Here's the truck after loading up the dump pile from the workshop. So thankful that it's all going at once! 

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