Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Camping

Mother's Day! We opted to camp on the farm with the kids and had great weather and a beautiful sunset.

The kids love a good campfire.

Eventually all 3 of our babies passed out in the tent :)

The campsite, in the circle at the end of the road.

This was the first time we spent the night at the farm. Waking up to all the bird sounds and fresh air was a real treat. We look forward to someday waking up here all the time :)

Jula was up early and enjoyed another campfire in the crisp morning air.

Nicole and I took stock of what's already growing in the garden. Turns out to be quite a bit!

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis), good for all sorts of stuff

The pup loves the garden.

We've been calling the space between the house and the garden the "front yard" even though there's 3 acres of pasture just beyond that :)

Camping here was really nice and shaded through most of the day.

In the afternoon I build a compost bin from some pallets that were hanging around. The middle divider is independent of the rest of the bin so we can right-size the active compost compartment.

The trailer has finally found a better (level) resting place and the kids love playing in it. 

Jula is always making new friends :)

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