Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chicken Coop Day


This is Michael Mancuso, He makes chicken coops out of reclaimed fence materials that would normally go to the chipper. The main frame is new redwood but all the siding is old fencing. Rad. The roof is reused corrugated metal which is a bit harder to come by. The hardware is all new. 

For now, this coop will live at the place we're renting since the chicks need a lot of daily oversight right now.  The box hanging off the right side is the "egg box". It has two nesting boxes and a neat little door on the side to get at the eggs. The box to the left of the ramp is a flower box. There's also a small shelf on the left side.

The view from our back door. The kids are stoked and Jula's so ready to collect her first egg.

The chicks are a bit overdue for new digs. I think they would have liked to move outside last week but things didnt line up until today. The brooder worked out pretty well.

 We had a few things to prep before hand but the kids could barely wait. 

They were both excited to pose with the coop, can you tell? :)

After they got used to being in the coop a bit Jula was able to let them out, which is to say, one flew out and the rest caught on that that was one way to get out of the coop. Jula followed them around for the better part of an hour while they harvested bugs and grass from our yard.

Getting them back into the coop this evening was something else though. They've never walked up a ramp much less lived in a box outside. They were not too hip to the idea of walking up the ramp or going into or staying in their new coop. Getting the first 5 in was easy one at a time but the 6th, an Australorp decided to make a break for it. When I cornered her she hopped thru an obscure gap in our fence and into the neighbors yard, So with little else to do I scaled the fence, re-cornered her, put her over the fence into our yard, re-climbed the fence and then re-re-cornered her to get her back into the coop. :)

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