Thursday, May 3, 2012

Electrical work continues

The field is growing long. We're looking for someone with grazing animals that would like to eat it all down.  

Back in the attic. This is the view from the attic looking at the new subpanel in the utility closet. That metal junction box is from the original construction and soon to be removed.

Here's Joel working on the new subpanel. The subpanel that the previous tenants had installed was a bit small for our needs only having 12 breaker slots. We replaced it with the next model up that has 20 slots. 

Here are some new wire runs from the extra rooms, across the mudroom and into the main house. The yellow is 10/3 (10 gauge and 3-wire) for most of the electrical needs. The white is the 12/3 that is required for the hard wired smoke detectors.

This is the wall opposite of the room that will be my office for a little while. These two outlets get their own circuit, whee!

The other side of the wall, inside my office. Electrical receptacles to be installed.

This is the kind of thing we've been removing. This particular junction box was the cause of half the circuits going out. We bumped it getting into the attic and it shorted and had a little fire party inside it. You can see some of the charred electrical tape. This box had 7 separate wires coming into it. It was a little too cramped it seems.

 This is the kind of thing we're replacing it with. My first junction box. Joel said I over-twisted the wires a bit but it would pass inspection. Woo!

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